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Let's face it, not all paid to click sites (and similar sites) are legit.  While there are reputable ptc sites on the net (like Clicksia, Clixsense, Neobux, and Donkeymails, for example), you are always going to get a few "bad apples" in the bunch that like to make everyone look bad.  On this page, I will list sites that turn scam, go offline, have too many complaints, or otherwise sites you will want to avoid.  By the way this is not an exhaustive list of scam sites.  For a more complete list of sites to stay away from, I recommend checking out the Scam list on the Talk PTC forum at http://www.talkptc.com/scamlist/ or PTC Investigations at http://www.ptc-investigation.com/default.aspx

Hall of Shame sites so far:

1. Mindbux - this is a dead ptc site.  At one time it was legit and paying, but it stopped paying and eventually went offline.

2. Bux Levels - I am sorry to see this site go.  It sure had lots of potiential and was legit for a while.  Had a nice concep too: a 8x4 foced matrix, even for free members), with more than a $500/ month earnings potiential. Usually only had 4 ads to click on per day (usually worth $.001) and had to upgrade to take earn from downline members' earnings beyond your direct sign ups.  Changed hosts, turned into a unilevel system, and eventually went offline indefinitely. 

3. Free Bird bux - at one time this too, was a legit site, and was very similar to neobux.  But eventually it turned scam (even appears on Talkptc's scam list).

4. Talebux - this site had lots of potiential and was online for well over a year, but it seems to have gone offline indefinitely as of October 2013.  It has been offline for several days now and I am not sure if it will ever come back online.

(more will be added as I stumble across more scam sites).  Have a site you want to warn people to stay away from?  Use the comment box below to share a complaint.

5. Probux - I am sorry to see the site go and turn scam.  At one time this site seemed to be very stable and thriving website, but over the last few months, probux became unstable, stopped paying and now it seems to have gone offline for good.  Interestingly, there is rumor going around that the owner of Probux was also the owner of Upbux and Onbux (both of them no longer in business either).  Probux is an example of a good site that can turn scam over time.

6. CTP Gem.  This site has been in "maintanence mode" since towards the end of November with no sign of coming back online anytime soon. Best to stay away from CTP Gem now.  By the way, Talkptc already has CTP gem on their scamlist anyway.  

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