Ryan's Official Review of Cash N Hits - innovative and fast growing paid to click site on then net.  this site offers ptc ads, youtube videos, autosurf, ptp system, and more

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This site has been supended by their webhost.  Not sure if or when the site will come back online.  Could be a sign that Cashnhits is about to turn scam (or "go out of business").  Been suspended for more than a week now.  I might recommend avoiding Cashnhits for now.  Seems to becoming less stable.  Could go out of business soon if it hasn't already.


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Brief Review of Cash n hits

The Good -

- Multiple ways to earn

- Lots of ads to view

- Can be a fast earning site depending on how you use it.

- The ptp feature can be good to have as not all ptc sites have this.  With ptp, you can advertise your link almost anywhere you want (barring some restrictions, as well as sites that prohibit ptp links like certain traffic exchanges), such as other ptc sites and earn whenever people visit the link (regardless if they sign up or not).  

- Low minimum payout threshold (especially for paypal users)

- Youtube videos can be entertaining to watch especially if you like watching viral videos there.

- Can be a good primary earner ptc site.

- Blogging tool is not great, but can be useful for using to connect with other members as well as sharing other sites you use as well as advertising on other sites.

- Click exchange feature = free advertising (great for promoting other ptc sites here).  

- Works best with Google Chrome or Firefox

The Bad

- Can get time consuming (especially when doing the autosurf ads)

- They are known to temporarily disable the ptp link from time to time.

- Relatively new site (has been around since 2009).  Though it seems stable so far.

- Some features don't seem to work properly if you use Internet Explorer (such as the videos and facebook "like" ads).

- When watching youtube videos, using Google Chrome, watchout for occasional flash player plugins crash (where flash player crashes suddenly and can't play videos until you restart the browser).  Has happened to me on a few occasions, especially when viewing the autosurf ads.

- Server seems to crash periodically too.

Overall Grade so far: B

Section 2 - Site features (overview)

 Site Features:

- Number of ptc ads: up to 36 ads to click on per day (more or less), some include Youtube videos 

- PTC Earnings rate: varies anywhere between $.000875 (lowest) and $.0175 (highest).

Other ways to earn (exclusive to

Cash n hits):

- Autosurf feature: automatically surf sponsored sites.  Earnings rate: $.000156 and caps out at $0.06864. per day (440 ads, usually youtube videos).  

- Paid to watch Youtube videos (almost exclusive to Cashnhits).  Watch a youtube video for x ammount of time (usually ranges between 25-32 seconds).  Earnings rate varies between $.0015 - $.005 per view (usually listed from highest paying first to lowest paying).  Note: works best with Firefox of Google Chrome (doesn't seem to work with Internet Explorer for some reason, according to Cashnhits).

- Paid to "like" - if you have an active facebook account with at least 20 friends, you can take advantage of this.  You view facebook pages usually for 10 seconds  hit the "like" button that appears when the timer stops.  Exclusive to cashnhits.  Note: while there are usually lots of pages to "like", free members can usually only "like" 5 ads per day (as I found out using this feature).

- Click exchange (basically Cashnhits' version of a traffic exchange).

- Paid to sign up offers (worth between $0 and $5.59) on average.  

- Paid to Promote: Similar to the ptp feature at donkeymails and no minimum, they give you special links, like this one: http://www.cashnhits.com/index.php?view=ptp&ref=ryansjones and you can promote it wherever (not quite as restrictive as Donkeymails) you wish (such as your website/blog) and they pay you $.00025 per hit, or $.25 per 1000 hits  (visitors have to remain on the landing page for at least 8 seconds for it to count).  Note: sometimes, Cashnhits has been known to temporarily disable the ptp link from time to time (probably due to inconsiderate users abusing the system).

Other features:

- Lottery system: you can gamble some of your earnings for a chance to win more if you are feeling lucky. 

- Built in blog that you can set up.  Not exactly a traditional blog like ones you can set up at blogspot, wordpress or Instant Blog Subscribers, but can go well for connecting with other members as well as sharing other sites you use. 

- Forum

- Minimum payout: $.60 (via paypal), $1.50 (via Alertpay/Payza).  Increases with each payout (eventually capping out at $2.50 for both payment processors).  Usually pays out within 7 days of cashout request.

Benefits for upgrading:

- 6 membership levels (besides free membership), selling as low as $3.20 / 3 months or as high as $50 per year (varies by membership level).

- too many to list: you can check out all of the benefits for upgrading and membership types here

- Basically, earn at least 25% (or more depending on membership level) from referral activities (ptc ads, upgrades, ptsu, etc)

- Bonus commissions on referrals' purchases

- Free adverting credits (ptc, banner ads, etc).

- Higher earnings rates on autosurf and higher earnings cap.

- Higher limits on the paid to like page.

Section 3: Full review

I actually joined Cashnhits via a ptsu offer at My Browser Cash and have been there for at least a month now, but do have a pretty good feel for it already.  In a nutshell, Cash n hits is HUGE, and similar to Buxp in a way.  This site has been around since 2009 (so it is somewhat young in the ptc community) and offers a wide variety of ways to earn.  In addition to the standard paid to click ads (usually up to 32 ads at a time on average), they also offer several other ways to earn including:

- Autosurf feature: basically an "autopilot" mode where the browser will automatically surf ads (mostly youtube videos) either until you hit the max earnings cap, currently set at 440 ads (more as a paid member) or when you decide to stop.  Can be good to have if you are looking to take a break from all of that clicking you do.

- Youtube videos: these can be entertaining to watch and you do get paid for watching them (btw not all sites pay you to watch youtube videos you know, even youtube itself doesn't have this kind of system in place, so this can be a treat if you like watching youtube videos).  Note: this seems to work best on either Chrome or Firefox, as it doesn't seem to work well on Internet Explorer (at least according to the Cashnhits website).  By the way, I do recommend Chrome over Explorer anyways because it usually offers better protection against malware infected sites that can pop up occasionally on ptc sites anyways and is generally faster loading and less susceptible to crashes as well.

- Paid to "like": basically if you have an active Facebook account and have at least 5 or more friends.  Basically you view Facebook pages for up to 10 seconds and hit the "like" button that appears after the timer stops.  Can be useful if you use Facebook and are active there.  Gives you more people to connect with too.  The only downside to this is that while there are lots of facebook ads to like, free members can only do up to 5 of these at a time.  You pretty much have to upgrade if you want to go through all of them.

- Paid to sign up offers: like many big paid to click / gpt sites, people do post paid to sign up offers that you can take advantage of.  Do you see sites you want to join or check out, why not take a bribe to do so?  Can help you hit the minimum payout threshold faster (even without referrals).

- Paid to promote links: this feature is pretty similar to the ones at Donkeymails and No Minimum, where they give you a special link (mine is http://www.cashnhits.com/index.php?view=ptp&ref=ryansjones).  Basically, you can advertise this just about anywhere (your own website, ad enabled blog, other ptc sites, forum sites like Earn Money Space, or even traffic exchanges that allow ptp links).  A nice thing about Cash N Hits is that they are not nearly as picky about where you promote the ptp links as Donkeymails or No Minimum are (where you can only promote on their "approved sites list" without risking a penalty), with the only restrictions being that you can't advertise them on autosurf sites or iframe sites.  Also, when advertising on other sites, I recommend checking the terms of use before advertising on your selected traffic source.  For example, some traffic exchanges (like Hits Safari) don't allow you to promote ptp links or sites with ptp links.  Also, if you are advertising on a free host blog, I recommend checking their policies on affiliate links (Wordpress.com for example doesn't allow affiliate links on their blogs, also Squidoo and Blogspot seem to have fuzzy policies about promoting ptc sites on their lenses and blogs).  Though one good blog host I recommend for promoting Cashnhits is  Instant Blog Subscribers.  Sign up is free and it is similar to Blogspot and the blogs have more professional looking layouts, but is not nearly as picky about what you post about and I actually like it more than Blogspot myself. The only downside to Instant Blog Subscribers is the long urls they give you for your blogs (which will look like referral links to those not familiar with IBS blogs), so you might want to consider setting up a custom domain name for it.  At Global Domains International, for example, you could set up a domain name and web hosting for your blog for as low as $10/month (for a .ws domain name, $15 start up fee if you register a ".com" or ".net" domain name) and have it redirect to your blog (giving it a custom domain name and masking the long url IBS gives you).  By the way, one perk about Global Domains is that it is also a network marketing company (one of the more affordable ones to join too), and they basically pay you to promote their services, paying $1/month per paid sign up (both what you generate and what your downline members generate), so with 10 paid sign ups you are pretty much getting their services for free, and any more an you profit (especially as your downline grows) .  Alternatively, Go Daddy is also popular for creating custom domain names that you can have redirect to your blog.  Anyways, ptp is a good feature to have assuming you have the means to promote the links they give you.  The only downside to the paid to promote system is that Cashnhits is known to temporarily disable the link(s) they give you occasionally (usually they warn you when it is about to happen though).

- Blog feature:  If you need a blog, they give you blogs that you can set up and promote either on Cashnhits or other sites too.  I would consider them microblogs and are not like traditional blogs that you would find at Blogspot or Instant Blog Subscribers, but can be convenient to have nonetheless. Mainly used to promote other ptc sites as well as doing "news updates".

- Click exchange: like many ptc sites, Cashnhits has its own traffic exchange feature, which allows for free advertising of course.  I recommend using this for advertising other paid to click sites you use by the way as this can be an easy way to build referrals for your programs.  Downline builders like ptc business builder can be useful here too as you can advertise multiple sites this way.  People can join user you at ptc business builder and can enter their referral links for the programs they use and possibly join yours and enter their referral links for those as well (they are not obligated of course, but is worth pointing out).

With those features discussed, it is also worth noting that the minimum cashout is relatively low ($.60 for Paypal users) and $1.50 for Payza users (btw, minimum pay out goes up a bit each time you cash out an eventually evens out at $2.50).  By the way, this should not take long to achieve, if you are active and are doing your rounds every day (I recomend taking advantage of all of the ways to earn with Cashnhits for fast results).  Of course, it can be time consuming doing your rounds at Cashnhits, but can be worth the time.  So far, I am pretty pleased with this site and I do recommend it as a good paid to click site to join.  Of course, it is not without its flaws.  The server is known to go down occasionally (not always, but it has happened to me a few times).  Also, you do have to pay attention to Cashnhits' site updates for promoting the ptp links they give you as it can be hard to predict when they will temporarily disable it (which does happen periodically probably due to people abusing it) though not permanently.  Also, you will find that Cashnhits works best for Google Chrome or Firefox users as some features don't seem to work properly for Internet Explorer users (such as watching youtube videos), so I recommend getting either Chrome or Firefox for this site (btw you should be using Chrome anyways for ptc sites in general as it tends to have a few advantage over Explorer when ti comes to ptc sites including: faster loading time, better protection against malware infected websites which can pop up occasionally on paid to click sites, and less susceptable to crashes like Explorer does).  The only downside to Chrome are 1: tabs tend to be buggy at times (where they will freeze after a while), and 2: flash player is known to crash occasional  which can be annoying when watching youtube videos (especially during auto surf sessions).  Also, you should be aware of the anti-cheat test when you log in where you have to choose a certain picture to log in (also you can get suspended if you guess wrong or try to bypass it).  All and all, Cashnhits is definitely a promising website and it is definitely worth looking at more.  By the way, while they do offer paid memberships, you will probably want to start out as a free member and eventually upgrade (especially as you get more active referrals in your network and you get more confident earning at Cashnhits.

Tips for getting the most out of Cashnhits:

- View all of the ptc ads (primary way to earn with any paid to click site) regularly.  Once round a day would be ideal.  Failure to view ads results in you not getting paid of course (your loss).

- Don't overlook other ways to earn (earnings from liking facebook ads, watching youtube videos, autosurfing, etc).  All of those earnings in addition to viewing ptc ads should add up fairly quickly.

- If you can afford it, don't be afraid to advertise your ptp link.  If nothing else, I recommend starting by advertising on other paid to click sites (especially ones with traffic exchanges, like Donkey Mails, Clicksia, Incentria, No Minimum, and Buxp).  By the way, at Clicksia and Incentria, you can actually post an banner ad for $10.95 per week and have it redirect to your ptp link for Cashnhits and get almost unlimited hits to your link each day, with the added bonus of possibly getting extra referrals this way too.

- If you need a blog, feel free to set up your cashnhits blog.  Not quite as good as blogspot blogs or instant blog subscribers blogs, but it is convenient to use and can be good for connecting with other ptc users.

-  Need more referrals for other ptc sites: don't hesitate to use the traffic exchange feature they have, as you can get free traffic this way, can also be useful for advertising other ptp links you have as well as downline builders too.

Well that wraps my review of Cash n hits.

Visit the Cash n hits website here for more information.  Sign up is free by the way.

Section 4: second opinion (whenever I recieve reviews of others that use Cashnhits, I will post them here).  Note: I will be democratic about this and so, what others are their own opinions about the site(s) and may or may not reflect my own opinions.

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