Buxp is a massive paid to click site (similar to Donkey Mails) with tons of ads to view, multiple ways to earn and today I am going to share everything I know about this site.

Picture of Bux p

Image above: picture of the Bux p website.

Bux p is a massive paid to click site (similar to Clixsense, Donkeymails, and Cashnhits for example) offering multiple ways to earn.  For any of you who like visiting adult websites, it is currently the only ptc site I am aware of that offers adult website ads in addition to regular ads (for any of you who are into adult websites, though obviously you are not required to click on them if they are likely to offend you).  There are many ways to earn too. 


Site Features and benefits includes:

- Lots of paid to click ads (sometimes up to 65 ads or more even for free members)

- Paid to watch Youtube and Vimeo videos

- You can also earn money liking and leaving comments on videos as well

- Paid to complete tasks (similar to Microworkers where people post tasks and you get paid for successful completion)

- Offer wall (similar to that at Jobego, Clixsense, Neobux, Inbox Dollars and similar sites with GPT features).  Offer walls come with paid to sign up offers, rebate offers (get rebates for shopping at partner sites), free trial offers, surveys, etc.

- Traffic exchange feature.  Can be useful if you want free traffic to sites you are advertising (for example, other paid to click sites).  By the way, downline builders like PTC Business Builder and Paid to Click 4 Newbies (sister site to PTC Business Builder) can be useful to advertise here (allows you to advertise multiple sites under one link).  Same with sites with paid to promote links (such as Cashnhits)

- You can also earn extra by referring new members and advertisers too.

- Minimum payout threshold (minimum you have to earn before you can request payment): $6.99 (pays out via payza and paypal).  You can also convert earnings to advertising if you want too.

- They also offer a points system (similar to that on Twickerz) where you can accumulate points and use them for referrals, upgrades, ads, etc.

- You can also buy unreferred members too (unlike neobux and probux, you do not have to renew them each month).

Benefits of Premium Membership according to the website (sells at $7.99 per month, or $49.99 for a year's worth of premium membership):

- More ads to view (premium members are guaranteed at least 50 ads to click on per day minimum, as if free members do not get enough ads to click on).

- Instant Payments when requesting payout

-  Earn up to $.01 per click and $.004 per referral click

- More video and survey offers (by the way, some youtube videos are only geared towards premium members).

- 7.5% commissions per sale from your referral link (such as buying advertising and upgrades)

- you can contact referrals as well as replace inactive referrals (doesn't seem to be available for free members).  Can be useful if you have referrals that turn inactive or are new.

- 1000 traffic exchange credits

 Advertising Features (in case if you are looking to advertise there)

- Multiple advertising packages (there are a lot to choose from, so it is hard to list them all).  You can see all of the ad packages at http://buxp.org/products.php#ad 

- It is also one of the few paid to click sites on the net where you can advertise adult websites (for example: the Amateur Match dating social network)

- They also offer youtube / vimeo packages (can be useful for getting more views to videos you have

- Banner Ad space (flat weekly rates)

- Packages for getting youtube video ratings, twitter followers, and facebook page likes.


Bux P Image Gallery, here are some pictures of Bux P below

Image caption:

Picture of the page displaying youtube videos you can watch.  Most videos are worth $.001 per view (at least for Free members).  You can also earn money watching vimeo videos too.

Task page at bux p

Image caption

Partial list of tasks you can do at Bux P

Image caption:

My Stats so far.  At Bux p, I have earned at least $5.84 so far

ads at buxp

Image caption: Partial list of ads you can view at Bux p

General review

Things I liked about Buxp

1. Huge site with multiple ways to earn.  Obviously you can only earn so much just by viewing advertisements.  For extra earnings, you will probably want to also watch youtube / vimeo videos, complete tasks, comment on videos, like facebook pages you like, choose people to follow on twitter, as well as promote your referral links. 

2. Can be a relatively fast earner site depending on how you use it (especially if you are watching videos, doing tasks, etc).

3. Ads do seem to refresh periodically so you have lots of ads to click on.  You will probably want to stop clicking on ads eventually though, especially if you use other paid to click sites like I do.

4. Ad timers do not pause when you open new tabs (like they do at Clixsense for example).  Can be useful to know if you want to multi-task while doing your rounds at Buxp (such as surfing other paid to click sites).

5. If you like adult websites or want to advertise adult websites, Bux p is for you.  By the way, they also offer "g" rated ads too if you don't like adult websites.

6. The traffic exchange system can be good to have too, especially if you don't want to pay for advertising or want to test a campaign.  Can also be useful for getting referrals at other paid to click sites you use.

(more pros will be added over time)


Picture of the Anti Cheat Link at Buxp

Image above:

Picture of anti cheat link at Bux p (it is usually posted towards the bottom of the advertisements section, just below the adult advertisments section).  Whatever you do, do not click on that link unless if you don't care about losing money at Bux P

Drawbacks of Bux P as well as things to be aware of:

1. Anti-cheat link - as is the case with Get Bux Today, there is an anti-cheat / bot trap link mixed in with the advertisements (usually located at the bottom of the ads section, just under where the adult ads section is).  Whatever you do, DO NOT click on that link.  It is more insidious than the one at Get Bux Today.  At GBT, clicking on the bot trap link will get your account suspended for a few days.  The one at Buxp is more sinister because if you *accidently* click on that link, it will reset your balance to zero.  It might not be so bad if your earnings are low, but if you have accumulated a lot of money (say $100 or more) and you click on that link, that would be bad as you would lose that amount of money and I am not sure how you would be able to get it back (you would probably have to email support and pray that they overlook the slip up).  The best way to avoid this is to pay attention to the links you are clicking on and avoid that link like a plague.  Also, you might want to cash out periodically to avoid that risk.  Click that link too often and you might get banned from Buxp.  I've been careful not to click on the bot trap link, but I am sure some people do accidently click on it and I thought that I would warn you about it and so be careful.  By the way, like Clicksia and Incentria, Buxp has you clicking on images to get credit for your clicks (there is usually a series of letters and they tell you which letter to click on).  By the way, if you are the type that likes to avoid the adult ads, you can actually turn those on and use those as a buffer (makes it harder to accidently click on that link).

2. The earnings rate is generally low for free members.  Most ads and videos are only worth $.001 per click on average, so it will take a while for earnings to accumulate (especially if you have little or no active referrals).

3. The minimum payout threshold $6.99 is somewhat high and it will likely take a while to hit that number unless if you are active, doing the tasks offers, or have lots of active referrals.

4. When viewing video ads or completing tasks, make sure you read the directions and do the tasks correctly (for example, when watching videos, make sure that the timer expires before closing the window).  Failure to do the tasks correctly can result in you not getting credit for the offers and Buxp can ban people if they fail tasks too often. 

5. Adult ads will likely be a turn off for some people.  By the way, you can leave them off or ignore them if you don't want to see adult websites.  You are not required to click on them, but it is worth mentioning that people can post those kinds of ads at Buxp (many paid to click sites don't have this). 

6.  Be careful about tasks that require you to download something.  Most people posting at Buxp are honest people, but I have seen some shady things getting posted at Buxp and sometimes things you can download come with viruses, malware and adware so watch out.  I've been there done that.

(more will be added over time)

Final thoughts about Bux p

If you are looking for a big paid to click site that offers multiple ways to earn, Bux p is for you.  It is pretty similar to Donkeymails and Clixsense as it offers multiple ways to earn and is one of the more popular paid to click sites on the net.  The earnings per click is generally $.001 per click, but earnings do accumulate as you are more active there.  If you do join Buxp, make sure you pay attention to which links you are clicking on as there is an anti-bot trap link mixed with the ads that can reset your balance to 0 if you *accidently* click on it.  Also, video offers, tasks, and the offers wall are good additions too and can be useful for earning extra.  I am not always a fan of GPT features myself though as some offers do cost money to complete (even free trial offers tend to come with a catch to them, such as having to pay for shipping as well as the fact that they usually convert to sales unless if you cancel in time).  Surveys are useful sometimes, though you usually do have to qualify for the ones you want to complete and they can be time consuming too.  Though if you have the extra time and money for the offers wall, go for it.  By the way, be careful about tasks that require you to download stuff.  Most people are honest here, but I have noticed that things you can download do sometimes come with spyware, adware, and rarely viruses.  I remember downloading something (I think here at Buxp) and my computer started acting funky, so be mindful about downloading stuff.  You will definitely want to "look before you leap" before doing those tasks.  All and all, Buxp is an excellent paid to click site and can be a good one to get involved with.

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