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Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ryan Jones and I thought that I would share with you what I know about paid to click sites.  PTC sites are essentially income opportunities you can join (usually free to join by the way) and earn money by viewing websites (or ads) that people post.  Many paid to click sites come in all shapes, forms, and sizes.  Some offer more ways to earn than others (such as watching videos, doing paid to sign up offers, shopping online, building a downline, etc) while others are smaller.  Most sites let you refer new members and earn extra income whenever they view ads, upgrade their memberships, buy advertising, complete offers, fill out surveys or watch videos.  Some paid to click sites you might be aware of includes: Inbox Dollars, Clicksia, Incentria, Clixsense, Donkeymails, and many others, but there are many different paid to click sites on the web.  In this site, I aim to share with you everything I know about the paid to click industry, offer detailed and unbiased reviews of the sites I have used, allow people post reviews as well, fill you in on the latest news in the ptc industry, offer tips on getting the most out of ptc sites (as well as referring new members), as well as warn you about sites to stay away from (not all sites are legit you know).  


Below are some of the benefits that paid to click sites offer:

1. Free to join - most if not all legit paid to click sites (and similar sits )are free to join.  No upfront costs or obligations to buy anything. They do offer both "free" memberships and "paid" memberships (though most people will probably opt for free memberships. 

2. Easy to get started and use- basically you get paid to view advertisements people post (such as blogs, websites, income opportunities, ebooks, forex sites, affiliate programs, and other ads people post).  Some sites also pay you to fill out surveys (for example, Inbox Dollars pays you $.50 for every completed survey), shop online (get rebates for shopping at partner sites), watching videos (such as watching youtube videos people post at Cashnhits or Buxp), signing p for email mailing lists, joining coupon sites, as well as doing mini jobs (like the Crowd Flower tasks on Clixsense). 

3. Relatively easy to promote - much easier than promoting typical affiliate links 

4. Can be a good way to help fund other types of businesses and industries you are doing online.  If you are an affiliate marketer, for example, paid to click sites can be a good way to earn some extra income at least while waiting for the commissions to start coming in.

5. Cheap advertising for advertisers - you get a lot more hits to your links for your money than you would at say Facebook or Google Adwords.  For example, at Clicksia, you can get up to 1000 unique hits per day for a mere $2.  By the way, there are several different ways to advertise too.  For example at Clixsense, you can buy spots on the Clixgrid program and get unlimited hits to your links for a whole month for a flat monthly rate.  Also, paid to click sites tend to be more friendly towards affiliate marketers and network marketers as opposed to say Facebook or Google Adwords.

6. Less time consuming compared to other programs online. For example, if you did 2 or 3 paid to click sites, you could probably do your rounds at all 3 of them within 30 minutes or so a day. 

7.  Get rewarded for your activities online (such as browsing websites, watching viral videos, filling out surveys, shopping online, etc).  Why visit other peoples' sites for free when you can get paid to do so.  Same goes for shopping online, watching videos, sharing links, signing up for free trial offers or whatever.

8. Multiple Streams of income are possible with paid to click sites along with multiple ways to earn too with many of them.  Why join one paid to click site when you can join multiple?  Think of it this way, lets say you earned $10/month at one site, you could join up to 10 more sites and if you earned up to $10/month at each of them, then you would be making $100/month between the 10 sites.

Here at rjptcreviews.com, I offer my expertise in the paid to click industry, post reviews about the sites I use, warn you about sites to stay away from (not all ptc sites are legit by the way), offer insider tips on getting the most out of them as well as talk about resources that you can use to build your paid to click business.  I would also like to open this site up to you and if you have any reviews or contributions to make to this site, I would be happy to share them on this site.

 To your success,

Ryan Jones

Experienced Paid to Click user, blogger, and affiliate marketer. 

Here is the official list of site reviews here.  For all other links, you can check them out in the side bar on the left.

  • General Review of PTC Sites - are paid to click sites for you?  Get a quick review about paid to click sites in general
  • My Browser Cash - this is a paid to click site that has an adware app with a twist that you can download on your computer and earn cash whenever ads pop up periodically
  • Top 10 ptc sites - these are my top 10 favorite paid to click sites
  • Bux Matrix - This is a paid to click site that also offers a 3x12 forced matrix system too
  • Buxp - Huge paid to click site.  Lots of ads to view, videos to watch, and more.
  • Cash N Hits - Another good sized paid to click site too.  Lots of ads to view, plus they also pay you to watch youtube videos, like facebook pages, take advantage of the traffic exchange program, as well as advertise their paid to promote links.
  • Review of Clicksia - clicksia is actually the first paid to click site I have used.  Get information about Clicksia here.
  • Clixsense - another big paid to click site on the net and is possibly one of the oldest ones too (been around the longest).  Learn more about Clixsense here.
  • Get Bux Today - check out this promising buxhost paid to click site.
  • GrandPTC - this is another relatively new paid to click site (and even has an old west theme to it in a way).  Note: I am no longer a member at Grandptc (had too many ptc sites as it is), so referral links are up for grabs to whoever wants it.
  • Donkey Mails - Another big paid to click site with multiple ways to earn and even offers a 6 level downline system (even for free members).  Offers a $1 minimum cashout threshold.
  • Inbox Dollars - this is a hybrid between a paid to read and get paid to site that not only pays you to read the emails that their partner sites send you, but you also get rewarded for completing offers, taking surveys, shopping online, taking advantage of the coupon system they offer, and even playing games for cash.
  • Hits4Pay - this is a basic and no thrills paid to read site and offers a 2 level downline system
  • Jill's Clicks corner - somewhat similar to Donkeymails, but smaller
  • Neobux - another paid to click site that has been around a long time.  By the way, if you are the type that struggles to get referrals, you can actually rent referrals there for rather low prices (especially in comparison to other sites that offers rental referrals).
  • No Minimum - another similar site to Donkey Mails, almost as big as Donkey Mails too.  Like Donkeymails, you can cash out at as little as $1
  • Probux - almost identical to Neobux.  I find that rental referrals tend to be much more responsive at Probux than they are at Neobux in my experience.
  • Twickerz - Similar to bux p in many ways. 
  • Reader submitted reviews - Read reviews that fellow readers have submitted.  Great if you have a different take on a site or if people want to share a site that is not listed here (realistically I probably won't get to every last ptc site online you know).
  • Submit a site review - Do you have a review you want to share?  Do you have a different opinions about one of the sites listed here?  Feel free to submit a review here. 
  • Hall of Shame (scam/watch list) - Sadly not all paid to click sites are legitimate and some turn out to be scams too (such as wasting your time, not paying out, and even "going out of business" after a while).  Whenever I come across a site that is suspicious or turns out to be a scam, I will post them here.

Reviews coming soon:

- Incentria - almost identical to Clicksia in many ways.

- Jobego

- Microworkers

- Linkbucks

- Talebux

- Valuedbux - fresh new ptc site, even offers free premium memberships for the first 15,000 members that joins (slots are filling up fast too).

- Scarlet Clicks

- PTC 4 Newbies

- Ebook Reviews

- Project payday

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Answering some common misconceptions you might have or have heard about concerning paid to click sites:

1. "Just another get rich quick scheme"

Paid to click sites are legitamite income opportunities where you are you get paid to view ads, watch videos, fill out surveys, etc.  As a fellow ptc user myself, I can tell you that you probably won't get rich with paid to click sites (definitely not over night if you are the average ptc user).  They can be good ways to help supplement your income if used properly, but like just about any business opportunity online you can either make a lot of money or very little money (if any) depending how you use them, your skill level, etc.  Most ads are only worth $.01 per click (more or less depending on the sites you are using along with other factors) and they will be slow earners (at least at first).  Obviously if you are active almost every day, are good at getting active referrals and take advantage of what the sites have to offer, your earnings should go up over time.  Now I am sure some people do manage to get rich quick with paid to click sites, but those types of people are probably either just lucky or are experts in the field.

2. "All paid to click sites are scams" - while some paid to click sites are scam, many are legitimate, especially sites like Clicksia, Donkeymails, Inbox Dollars, Clixsense, and Neobux.  Obviously not all sites are legitamite, but I will warn you if I come across a scam or suspect site.  Alternatively if you want a full list of sites to avoid or not avoid, you can check out the scam list at the Talkptc forum at www.talkptc.com

3. "I will get a virus by viewing ads" - in my experience, most ads you view are from honest people.  That being said, in my experience, coming across virus or malware sites can happen, but are rare.  You will definitely want to have a good antivirus software loaded on your computer when surfing ads.  I use Microsoft Endpoint protection myself, but if you are shopping for good antivirus software, you could probably buy one for affordable pricing at Amazon.com.

4. "Viewing ads is boring" - well, if you like surfing the web, you are pretty much getting paid for what you do already.  Also, some paid to click sites are more entertaining than others (such as Cashnhits and Buxp as you can also get paid watching videos too).  Also some sites offer other ways to earn too, such as filling out surveys at Clixsense, building a downline at bux matrix, doing CrowdFlower tasks, taking advantage of free trial offers, etc.  Of course, paid to click sites are not for everyone and if you are the type that gets bored easily, then ptc sites might not be for you.  By the way, laptop computers can be useful when it comes to ptc sites as they make it easier to view ads while watching tv, hanging out outside, etc.

5. "Do I have to pay money to join?"  In my experience, most if not all paid to click sites are free to join.  They are not like MLM programs that require you to pay money to join, survey sites where you have to pay money just to fill out surveys, or affiliate sites where you have to have a website or blog in order to promote your offers and get paid.  Generally, paid to click sites are free to join (in fact, some sites like Inbox Dollars and Hits4pay even pay for you to join).  That being said, most sites offer membership upgrades, "gold memberships" at Probux and Neobux for extra features and higher earnings rates (both on your clicks and referral clicks) but you are not required to upgrade.  You might consider upgrading eventually as you get more confortable with ptc sites you are using and want to get more out of them (for example, earning $.01 from referral clicks instead of $.005 per referral clicks at Probux), but upgrades can wait until you are making more than enough to afford them. 

Top 10 ptc sites to start with - if you are looking to get your feet wet in the paid to click industry, here are 10 sites I think you should try.

1. Neobux- this site is very straight forward and easy to use.  Most ads are worth $.001 per click, though some are worth up to $.015 per click, though those kinds of ads are rare.  Also, to help simplify things at Neobux, there is a strategy guide that you can use to help build your business.  Check out the Neobux Strategy Guide for more info.  You can also earn extra income by watching videos, doing Minijobs, and taking advantage of the Neocoins offers (you earn $1 for every 1000 coins you earn) as well. 

2. Probux - this site is very similar to Neobux in many ways, except that the orange fixed ads are worth $.01 per click instead of $.001 per click (even for free members).  Also like neobux, you can also earn extra from procoin offers (similar to neocoins), completing mini jobs, as well as win money doing the progrid.  By the way, there is a strategy guide that you can check out that can help you build your business with probux with ease.  Probux makes a perfect pair with Neobux in my opinion.

3. Clixsense - this is one of the oldest paid to click sites on the net and is one of the most popular ones too.  By the way, this can be one of the faster earning ones too depending on how you use it as I find that it is possible to earn at least $1 or 2 per day on average even without referrals by not only just viewing ads, but also by trying your luck at the Clixgrid game, doing mini jobs, filling out surveys (most surveys are worth $.75 or more for completing them), watching videos, as well as taking advantage of the daily bonus checklist system.  I recommend going through the checklist every day for maximum results.

4. Clicksia and Incentria - I will list these 2 together since they are almost identical (I think they are owned by the same admin too).  When I first got into the paid to click business, I started with Clicksia myself.  It is pretty straight forward and easy to use.  They even pay you to advertise the advertisements page on other sites as well (such as a blog or website you have).

5. Inbox Dollars - this is an email based site that pays you to view ads (usually $.02 per click), watch videos, taking advantage of free trial offers (such as earning $5 for being a free trial member at Gamehouse), redeeming coupons, filling out surveys (most pay $.50 for completion), doing mini jobs, etc.  They also offer a free gold membership for more features once you have earned your first $30 and cashout for the first time. By the way, just for joining Inbox Dollars, they pay you $5 which goes towards the $30 threshold.

6. Donkey Mails - this is another email based ptc site.  In addition to earning money by viewing ads, they also offer a 6 level downline system, paid to promote links (that you can advertise and get paid just for showing the link on participating sites), and even have a low minimum payout threshold at a mere $1).

7. Cashnhits - lots of ads to view.  It is also one of the more entertaining paid to click sites on the net too as you can also earn cash by watching videos, liking facebook pages, as well as doing ptsu offers.  They also offer an autosurf feature, ptp links as well as a traffic exchange feature you can take advantage of too).

8. Talebux - This is another good site to join.  Lots of ads to view on average. 

9. Buxp - this site is another huge ptc site.  Lots of ads to view, video ads to watch, mini jobs to complete, etc.  They also pay extra commissions whenever you refer advertisers to Buxp as well.

Disclosures and disclaimers about paid to click sites

- Earnings disclaimer: I can't make any guarantees or promises on earnings.  Like just about any income opportunity online, some people will likely earn more than others.  You can either earn tons of money with paid to click site or very little if any.  Bear in mind that most ads are only worth $.01 or less per click, so they will likely be slow earners for many unless if they are good at referring new members. 

- Activity levels: it is not my job to hold your hand with paid to click sites.  If you choose to join any of the ptc sites listed on this site, ultimately you are your own boss.  It is up to you to set your own schedules, handle expenditures as well as doing your rounds at them.  If you chose not to be active, that is your choice and I cannot be held liable for that. I can help promote your links if you need me to, but it is up to you to log into your account, view ads, etc.  If you are too busy to set aside time for ptc sites, then they are probably not for you.  Also, any expenditures (such as advertising, upgrades, rental referrals etc) is completely under your jurisdiction.

- Advertising on ptc sites: I don't own any ptc sites so I can't be held liable for issues you might encounter when advertising.  You should probably bear in mind that most people will probably view your ads for the money and so don't expect a high conversion rate with your offers. 

FTC Disclosure:  all of the reviews I post are based on my experiences and opinions of sites and products I use and may or may not necesarrily be the same that others post.  I am an affiliate of some of the sites, such as clixsense, clicksia, etc and I might get make some money if you join them.  Same goes for the other ads and offers on this site.  I will be democratic when it comes to reader submitted content and reviews and they might not necessarily reflect my own views.   

- Privacy policies: I promise I will never sell or share your personal information with others without your consent.  Note: you are subject to the privacy policies of the sites you visit and join (for example, if you join Inbox Dollars or other ptc sites, I don't have any control over their privacy policies and you are subject to them). 

- TOS violations - whenever you join and use a site, you are subject to their policies and terms of use.  If you violate their policies either knowingly or unknowingly it is between you or them.  You are welcome to send me a complaint and I can try to talk to them on your behalf, but they have their final says.  Here are some general rules of thumb to follow to avoid losing your accounts:

1) Limit one account per person.  Same goes for per computer and ip address.  Most of not all ptc sites restrict more than one account per person and usually per ip address too.  If you have friends and family that want to join the sites you are using as well, that is fine, but they will need to get separate ip addresses for your own good (otherwise you will risk getting your accounts supended).

2) Never use autoclicker software no matter how tempting they might be.  If you are the sneaky type and think you can cheat your way to wealth with paid to click sites, you are wrong.  PTC sites usually have technology that can tell if someone is cheating or not or using autoclick software and you might lose your account if you are caught.

3) Watchout for anti-cheat or bot links.  Some sites have bot-trap links (like the one at Get Bux Today) and if you *accidently* click that link, you can get your account suspended either temporarily or permanently, so make sure you are paying attention to the links you are clicking on to avoid the bot trap links.

4) Don't go for too long without logging in and doing your rounds.  Many ptc sites will suspend or delete your account if you go for too long without logging in or clicking ads.  Neobux, for example, will suspend your account if you go for more than 30 days without clicking.  Be careful not to join more sites than you can handle and it does help to set aside time each week to do your rounds to avoid that problem. If you are logging in and doing your rounds regularly you will not have to worry about losing your accounts. 

5) When posting ads you are subject to their rules.  Usually adult ads, sites with too many pop ups, virus/malware sites, frame breaker sites, pyramid schemes and illegal sites are not welcome at paid to sites.   

Further reading (from the Clickbank Market Place)
The PTC Code - The PTC Code is an exclusive strategy guide created by a highly successful Neobux member that aims to help people like you and me learn how to build up their referral base not only at Neobux, but other ptc sites as well. It is cheap to get (a mere $7 for the ebook) and even offers a free email course that you can use for your own benefit too. Feel free to check it out

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