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Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Ryan Jones and I am a veteran user and affiliate in the paid to click industry.  I have been a member in the paid to click community since 2008 and on this website I offer you detailed reviews about the paid to click sites i have used, offer advice on how to get the most out of ptc sites, warn you about sites to stay away from, and share resources you can use to help grow your business.  Also, if you have reviews you want to share I will open this site up to you and you can share reviews as well.  

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 About paid to click sites

There are many different ways one can earn extra income online (scam sites aside).  One of the fast growing industries on the net are paid to click, get paid to sites (like Project Payday and Inbox Dollars), paid to read sites, as well as paid survey sites.  Paid to click sites are those sites you can join (sign up is usually free) and literally earn money by clicking on ads and visitiging websites and blogs people post.  For more information about ptc sites, please visit: and/or 

- Earnings disclaimer and ftc disclosure: I can't make any guarantees or promises on earnings.  Like just about any income opportunity online, some people will likely earn more than others (in the ideal world we would all get rich from income opportunities online like ptc sites, but we do not live in an ideal world so I can't make promises about earnings).  You might make alot of money or very little money if any.  Depends on various factors, such as how active you are at the sites, marketing skills (such as getting referrals), as well as other factors.  The reviews I make on this site are based on my own opinion and experiences with these sites (though i may earn commissions if you join those sites or respond to ads from my other sponsors) and might or might not reflect the views for everyone else (in otherwords you are free to agree or disagree with the reviews).  Reviews submitted by visitors are based on their own opinions about the sites and might not necessarily reflect my own opinions.  Note: I don't have reviews about every site in the ptc industry so there are some sites I am familiar with and sites I am not familiar with.  Also, ptc sites are subject to change at any time.  Some sites can even "go out of business" eventually too (I have no control over that).

Privacy policy: I promise not to sell or disclose your email address or other private information without your consent.  That being said, you are subject to the privacy policies of the paid to click sites you visit.  Also, ad networks like Clickbank, Adhitz and Kontera all have their own privacy policies and cookie policies.  You can view their policies by visiting those sites.

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